Isak Gifting står utan team till den kommande VM–säsongen. Den chockerande nyheten blev idag officiell genom teamchefen Roger Magee. Bakgrunden är ekonomiska. 

Isak Giftings team Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee har lagt ner. Den tråkiga nyheten kom idag. Beslutet grundar sig i att teamet inte löser den ekonomiska biten som krävs för att köra en hel VM–säsong. 

Såhär säger teamchefen Roger Magee:

“There have been many stories and it has been a long road since we started the team to help the Simpson family back in 2005. In almost twenty years we’ve had some amazing success. I’m not sure if I could ever have imagined the project to run as long as it did and with so many achievements. The team was built on passion and went through some very tough times but this latest obstacle has been too much to jump over on this occasion. We did all that we could to maintain our plans for 2023 but we had to take a decision before the season came any closer. I want to thank Team Manager Bryan Connolly, all the mechanics, and all the people that have stayed loyal to us for so many seasons. Importantly this also includes Hitachi, Milwaukee and all of other sponsors for their enduring support. I can only send my best wishes to our main riders – Isak Gifting and Kay Karssemakers – because I know they will have strong futures in the sport. Lastly, I’d like to thank my family and all of those who have helped and believed in the team. It’s been one of the most memorable episodes of my life.”

Fotnot: Vi återkommer med mer information och en intervju med Isak Gifting.